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 Custom Card Rules

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PostSubject: Custom Card Rules   Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:34 am

  • Threads with illegal and/or inappropriate content will be deleted and the poster of said will be banned.
  • Threads without cards posted will be locked on sight, without allotting a chance to fix it. You may repost the card later, if you post it correctly.
  • Treat other members with full equality; there is zero-tolerance for flaming and/or trolling.
  • If you disagree with someone's post (i.e., cards and/or comments), please state reasons as to why you believe so.
  • Do not post in threads just to state a post/topic/etc. is against the rules. Simply report it, or it will be treated as minimodding and spam.
  • Conversations being carried on within a thread that is not in any way related to the card in question, will be treated as spam.
  • Persons commenting with ONLY an OCG (Official Card Grammar) fix will receive a warning.
  • Ratings and nothing else will be treated as spam.
  • If your card is broken as all hell and/or blatantly bad design, it will be locked.
  • REALISTIC CARDS - SINGLE CARDS and REALISTIC CARDS - MULTIPLE CARDS are for cards that are held to higher standards of card design, flavor, balance, and placement in the game. Note that Konami making horribly unbalanced and awfully designed cards is not a reason you can do so, and cards like the Elemental Dragons, Spellbook of Judgment, Alt Win Conditions, One Day of Peace, etc. will be frowned upon in hopes of promoting an environment with good, player interactive design. you may NOT make Divine Attribute and Divine-Beast type cards and support, as these are not realistic to the game as a whole. That said, absolutely awful card design, joke cards, and so on will still not be tolerated in any way. New concepts and gamebreaking design are not synonymous much less general bad design.
  • Member cards should be kept to sigs, statuses, PMs, and whatever else. Same for Joke Cards.
  • The Advanced Clause
    Every review posted must be a minimum of words equal to the amount of words in the effect or lore of the card in question. That said, you are greatly encouraged to go on even further than that. For a set, this applies to each card in the set.
  • For breaking the Advanced Clause, you will receive a 3 point (30%) warning for three days. If you break it a second time within this period, you will receive a 7 point warning, which means all your content is moderated for a day. If you break it a third time, or break it persistently, you will receive a 3 day ban.
  • Posts should detail impact on the game, if any, display an at least basic knowledge of card design, comment on the flavor of the card, and be insightful. Unless a card is totally perfect, you should never make a post unless you are giving a fix.
  • After you have posted your review, further comments don't have to meet the minimum. However, OCG fixes do not count towards the word requirement.
    This does NOT mean you fill the post with contentless nonsense. If you are found to be increasing the size of your post without actually putting content in it, you will be punished harshly.
  • You MUST post the lore of your card in addition to your card, for the convenience of those commenting on your card.
  • This is meant to push quality of posts, not quantity. This is a forum that thrives on card design and thought, so you should be putting a good deal of thought into a post, especially once you've been in the forum for a good while.
  • Moderators reserve the right to drop in with a ruling on a card at any time.

    Rules on Behavior
    Next time I catch someone using some new or nooby member's rant/rage/untintetionally stupid and/or wrong thread to fish for reps, or if you're just a general ass without reason, it will be handled with extreme prejudice, because I've had enough of it, thanks to one certain spammer who's done this here, and across the site, multiple times. Hell, I've had to deal with it twice in the last 2-3 hours alone, from 2 different, supposedly "advanced" members.

    So let me put it like this: if you're caught doing it in the Custom Cards sections of the site, it will now be treated as Abusive Behavior. If you do it again, or if you've already gotten warned for it, you will be warned for Malicious Spamming, and your member group will be changed to Rep Spammer, and you will lose all rep points.

    Report and move on. Special thanks to both those who report and move on and to those who attempt to handle these affairs maturely. Note that even trying to handle it maturely is, in fact, mini-modding, and must be treated as such. This is for the good of the site so that even more flames and stupid PMs that are hard to moderate effectively don't break out between the one throwing a fit/messing up and the ones who poked them with a stick.
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PostSubject: Re: Custom Card Rules   Fri Mar 27, 2015 11:02 pm


Too Zexy!  lol!
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Custom Card Rules

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