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 Reflection - A archtype based around what its name implies. :p

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PostSubject: Reflection - A archtype based around what its name implies. :p   Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:33 am

Figured I'd show I was still here with a new way to mess with people's heads.  The Reflection Cards do exactly what their name implies, ranging from making your opponents eat their own attacks, to returning their effects to them, or why not mimic them, or even better turn their special victory effect on them. Razz 

Main Deck Monsters:
Main Deck Spells:
Main Deck Traps:
Extra Deck Cards:

The Mirror Fragments of the Reflection archetype aren't much threat and easily ignored but they don't just take up slots so ignoring them could prove unhealthy if the uses gets any number of combos setup that end up using them as costs or conditions. Smile These are considered your backup plan in the event you get cornered but the general idea of this deck is to make your opponent fall to their own power and/or lack of it. Very Happy Still working on the idea an need a little help so any ideas would help.  Not all the cards rely on the Mirror Fragments but the ones that do would be OP if they didn't. Smile 

If anyone wants to help with images for them than that would help too since finding or making them would be hard for me. Very Happy

Try to keep in mind this set is suppose to also work with existing cards that do similar things to it. So there might seem to be cards missing when there are. Smile

Not sure how broken some of these cards are so someone hit me before I fall off the train tracks at the speed I'm going.  tongue Also need a little help with phrasing of some of these card's effects since I'm not totally sure how to make them make sense enough for people. >_>

Reflection - Ultimate Mirror I know has some broken combinations but depending on what gets banished can range from "Well That's Annoying" to "Must Find A Way To Kill It!".  Right now it can only activate the effect(s) if it banishes an exact number of the named card(s) so in some cases you might get an effect from each while in others it might only get an effect from one list. Razz

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Reflection - A archtype based around what its name implies. :p

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