a place for all your custom card needs you can post scripts pics and request for card to be made also please donate to the funding for a new server made for custom card duels
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 custom card Emotions of Darkness

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PostSubject: custom card Emotions of Darkness   Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:38 am

This card can only be activated by the effect of sorrow and after hatred anger jealousy and sorrow have been activated. Destroy hatred,anger,jealousy and sorrow to grant one face up monster you control all the effects of hatred, anger, jealousy, and sorrow also this effect for the monster can only be used once per duel these Effects bypass all other effects and monsters effect is not disabled due to Sorrow's effect. Triple your monsters ATK and DEF and destroy all other monsters you control. This monster is now unaffected by your opponents trap, spell and effect cards also subtract all but 2000 life points from your LP. If your LP is lower then 2000 set your LP to exactly 2500. This cards activation and effects cannot be stopped.
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custom card Emotions of Darkness

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