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 Different Dimension burn

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PostSubject: Different Dimension burn   Tue May 06, 2014 7:58 pm


Evilswarm thunderbird x1
D.D. Warrior Lady x2
Fire Princess x3
Banisher of the radiance x2
Wind-up Rabbit x2
Skystarray x3
Marshmallon x3
Battle fader x3 (you can switch one or all of these out for swift scarecrows if you fear solemn warning, but usually your life points should go well above 8K and you won't be otk'd)

Kaiser Colosseum x3
Soul release x1 (in case you don't open with cosmos or fissure and need to remove your opp's monsters from play)
Pot of Duality x3
Supply Unit x2
Soul Absorption x3 (even if you have all 3, best to just leave two on the field, in case of a nuke or something, plus you might run out of space with kaiser, supply unit, macro cosmos or dimensional fissure anyways)
Dimensional Fissure x1

Mirror force x2
Torrential Tribute x1
Compulsory Evacuation Device x1
Macro Cosmos x1
Safe zone x2 (protect fire princess or banisher of the R)
Solemn Warning x1 (fun fact, you could potentially gain more life points using this against an xyz monster that would be summoned, if soul absorption is on the field).

Extra Deck:
Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut x2
Giga-Brilliant x3
Ghostrick Alucard x3
Leviair x3
Temtempo x1
Wind-up Zenmaines x1
Fortune Tune x2 (Two in case one fails. This is to recycle marshmallons for later burn damage, or fiendished/breakthrough'ed skystars/wind-up rabbits. Don't go into this if macro cosmos or d fissure is on the field)

You never really need to go into the extra deck, aside from leviair possibly, but it's there anyways. And if you have a choice to banish thunderbird while rabbit is on the field, try to banish thunderbird along with rabbit during the opponent's turn; rabbit creates an out for thunderbird during your opponent's turn if the opponent is smart and doesn't activate any effects, and you don't wanna go minus using your own traps just to save thunderbird. You can also add stuff like injection fairy lily for troll purposes if you'd like Razz.
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Different Dimension burn

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