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 Card Making Challenges - R1

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PostSubject: Card Making Challenges - R1   Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:47 am

In these topics anyone can propose challenges but only the topic winner gets to make the next topic in line. Topic Winner is determined by most number of challenge wins and ties by the end of the over all topic determined by the person that started the topic.  Even if a challenge is already over you can still make cards for it at any time just be sure to name what challenges you are making the card(s) for so we don't get confused. Smile 

The minimum number of posts total before a topic winner is picked is 100 regardless of topic, but the end number of posts before a winner is picked can be 100 or more and is always named by the topic creator. Also to be a topic winner you must also complete the topic post's challenge(s) even if the challenge itself is already over.

Current limit for this topic 100.

Here's the challenge format if you want your challenge recognized by anyone here.

Challenge Format:

Also challenges must be in spoiler tags so they are easy to find.  Use the name of the challenge as the name of the spoiler tag. Smile 

Here's the first challenge.
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Card Making Challenges - R1

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