a place for all your custom card needs you can post scripts pics and request for card to be made also please donate to the funding for a new server made for custom card duels
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 plese script

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PostSubject: plese script   Thu Aug 21, 2014 1:34 am

divine hope dragon id55320330
this card can only be summoned by removing 4 elemental hero dragons from your graveyard from play this card can not be affected by spell or traps this card cannot attack your opponent directly 

elemental hero buster dragon id 51174554
if your opponent attack your directly send this card to the graveyard to negate its attack your opponent
takes the damage that you would take 

elemental hero earth dragon id 91058641
you can send this card to the graveyard to change the level to all monsters on your side of the field 

elemental thunder dragon id 60122393
you can send this card to the graveyard special summon one monster from your extra deck whose level or rank equals this card

elemental hero turrent dragon id 39877420
from your hand you can send this card to the graveyard to destroy all set cards on the field and if you do your opponent takes 200 life points of damage for each one 
please script these cards
nemesis dragon id 45438191
one tuner-one or more monsters:
Once per turn:you can banish one monster card from either players graveyard and the card gain it attack points and its effect

cosmic dragon id0 64341322 
elemental hero dragon monsters
you can also use divine hope dragon as a material as well
once per turn you can detach 1 xyz material to destroy 1 card on your opponents side of the field and if you do this card can attack again 

cosmic dragon battle mode id 60061276
must use cosmic dragon as an overlay unit
once per turn you can select one monster from your graveyard and attach it to this card as an xzys material
you can detach 1 overlay to activate one of following effects
. increase this card atk by the amount of your life points
.this card can attack all monsters on your opponent side of the field
.destroy one sell/trap card on the field
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plese script

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