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 The Story of the two Galaxy-Eyes

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PostSubject: The Story of the two Galaxy-Eyes    Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:14 am

Long ago, in the infancy of the universe, the gods had just created the Numeron Code. They were trying to create a being that would do Genesis for them. So, they created a fierce dragon several billion lightyears wide. It bent time,space, and fate to its will. However, such a powerful being often could destroy more than create. So, they split the dragon into two entities: Light (Photon), and Tachyon. These two deities helped create the universe. Three billion years later, however; they disagreed upon dominion. They had a war that the universe would see. Eventually, they  went to peace. These two beings would create an avatar for each to interact in the mortal world without destroying everything. They limited their powers and their souls were later embedded into cards, eventually coming into possession of the Duelist Kite Tenjo and the Barian, Mizar. Despite having merely a thousandth of their true power, they are extremely powerful.


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The Story of the two Galaxy-Eyes

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