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 Multi-part Card Challenge

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PostSubject: Multi-part Card Challenge   Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:44 am

There are a large number of cards in the anime that are made up of many cards but aren't fusions.  Cards like Exodia, Armor Parts, Mekload Parts, and so on.

The challenge here is to make a small archetype (5 - 26+ cards) or a really powerful monster that had to be broken into several part cards to limit its power like Exodia (2 - 5 cards).

The archetype part of the challenge is for those feeling ambitious so don't go for it unless you think you can.  As for the single monster, spell, or trap card made into several smaller cards.  The cards can be monsters, spells, or traps and you can even take existing cards that are OP and break them into several smaller cards needing to all be on the field for the full effects.

If the number of cards aren't going to fit either use spoiler tags or post them in a topic of the multiple cards section and post the link here.  Especially so if you are planning on extending them later.

One into Many Example:
Yep makes it a little more OP but it also makes things even more balanced as well.

Next up: Yes this one could be extended into an Archetype
Combination Example:

Well that should work for the examples so lets see what you guys all come up with. Smile
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Multi-part Card Challenge

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