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 Hand support

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PostSubject: Hand support   Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:04 pm

It's actually ok. The field spell makes them pretty abusive however



There is of course a wind hand (check the scripts spoiler). It's 1900 ATK/100 DEF, WIND psychic, same condition as the others, discards 1 random card from the opponent then ss earth hand. I'm missing the picture from ycm though and I don't wanna remake it xD.

And you should probably run exodiuses in the deck since you'll probably be crashing your hands into the opp a lot during your turns lol. You could even exodius 1 in m1, go crazy with hands, m2 another exodius and make rank 10s I guess.

Another thing to note, I made "hands" an actual archetype in the database, you need to change all the existing hands' (at least fire and ice hand, maybe prominence and magic hand if you want) setcode to 524... or whatever you want but i chose 524. If you're using 524, the hex code is 0x20c. You do need to make them an archetype though, else memorial and inverse hand won't work. I think you can ignore giant hand and giant red hand if you want to as well Razz
Unless you really plan on crashing those monsters for whatever reason
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Hand support

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